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During the last few days film star Sana Fukher and Sanam Chaudhry have been very consistent in posting tons of pictures on Facebook taken during the shoot of their upcoming film, 100 Crore.

Directed by Shoaib Khan the film is in the first leg of the shoot and the beautiful locations of Phuket have been choose to shoot some interesting scenes of this comedy thriller.

Sana - Sanam

Renowned television actress Sanam Chaudhry has been making her film debut along with Tere Mere Beech co-starĀ  Noor Hasan.

Sanam - Noor Hasan

Indian modelĀ  Reyhana Malhotra will also be seen in the film romancing Dillagi famed newcomer Inayat Khan.


The film ensemble cast included Pakistani showbiz bigwigs including Javed Sheikh, Adnan Shah Tipu. Ismail Tara, Faiza Khan and Sajan Abbas. The film has been produced by Khurram Riaz and Babar Kashmiri has jotted down the script.

Javed Sheikh- Ismail Tara- Adnan Shah Tipu


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