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Although I am not that kind of a person who likes experimenting with food – I always pick familiar items off the menu but my latest experience at Dynasty Avari has made me realize that it’s good to explore different cuisine.

On the advice of a friend I went to Dynasty Restaurant situated on the ground floor of Avari Towers. As soon as I entered the restaurant, I got the sense that I would really going to enjoy my time here.

Dynasty has a typical oriental ambiance with interiors primarily in hues of red and yellow.  Even the cutlery has these shades with Chinese pattern beautifully embellished on bowls and platters.

dish 5

To celebrate Year of the Roosters, Dynasty Avari has designed a special menu offering variety of Chinese food including Crab meat and fresh green asparagus soup, scallop Wonton in broth, combination cold platter and a main course featuring Golden crispy chicken breast with sweet honey sauce and crispy-fired duck breast with sweet and sour plum sauce and much more.


Our dinner started off with a refreshing welcome drink with a required tanginess giving it a unique flavor.

dish 3

Next on menu was Crab meat and fresh green asparagus soup – overloaded with meat it was warm and delicious – in short, quite acceptable for Pakistani taste buds.

dish 4

The combination platter was truly a visual delight – it was beautifully presented with large servings of beef, chicken, prawns and vegetables. Among all options, my favourite was prawns dipped in a divine sauce – they were so scrumptious that I could  still feel its taste in my mouth.


In the main course, we had crispy golden chicken – it was a bit let down. Although the meat was cooked to perfection but it had a greasy coating which was less crispy and more oily. It was served with chili-based red sauce – it was less spicy and add required zing to the bite.


Wok grilled beef tenderloin with Cantonese Char Siu sauce was also tasty – the beef was tender and thoroughly cooked but it was served with too much sauce which ruined beef basic flvour. I would give it 7/10.

Wok fried tiger prawns with XO sauce was good too. The sauce had that typical Cantonese flavor enhancing taste of prawns. I really loved their portion size – it was fulfilling and not costly at your pocket.

dish 1

I ended my dinner with variety of desserts available in the buffet – and they all were totally divine and rich.

dish 2

Overall I had great time at Dynasty Avari and would love to visit it again soon. Chinese food festival at Avari Hotel continues from January 27 to 11 Feb, 2017.