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Waqar Zaka selects as First Pakistani celebrity for Facebook monetized live video sessions

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As a part of their new strategy, Facebook has launched TV commercial-style ad breaks during the live session – and it’s a big news for Pakistan that Waqar Zaka has chosen as only local celebrity from this region.

Zaka shared this news on Facebook.


Waqar Zaka is one of the most influential celebrities on social media in Pakistan – he has been selected by Facebook on the basis of active engagement on his live posts. A few publisher from United States has been selected for this testing of monetized videos but from South Asian only Waqar Zaka has been selected.

While sharing his excitement about the news he told us that it was a big privilege for him.

“It’s a great feeling and I have always tried to use my video posts for creating awareness and motivate my fans to participate in positive deeds,” he said.

He thanked Facebook for selecting him for testing of monetized live videos in Pakistan. To also expressed desire to post tutorial videos soon to make it easier for people take benefit from this unique feature of social media.

Waqar Zaka verified Facebook page has over 948,718 Likes.

Living on the Edge host makes ‘selfie video’ a craze among his fans with travel video logs posted on Facebook. He was also approached by a Koran company. Line APP to promote its application, develop and design content to cover the Cricket World Cup 2015.

A Chinese company, ZAPYA, also hired him for application promotion in Pakistan. He also visited Burma and Syria and used Facebook videos to help sufferers.

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  1. Ibrahim

    You just believed what he wrote on his Facebook? Lady have you research a single word before penning the article?? This guy is making fool out of our illiterate people like you and write your writing blogs without doing a single research… Can you proof a single word he said??? First Pakistani lol

    • Wajiha

      Thanks Ibrahim for reading the post. I did a research that Facebook has taken this step but yes as far as Waqar Zaka selection is concerned I believe on his word

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