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Bilal Abbas Khan & Iqra Aziz starrer “Qurban” is about controversial topic of forced second nikkah

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There are lot more reasons to look forward to ARY Digital’s upcoming drama serial, Qurban, than its star-studded cast. 

Starring the three most popular actors of recent times – Bilal Abbas Khan, Shehzad Sheikh and Iqra Aziz, the drama is about a controversial topic of forced nikkah, patriarchy and male dominance in our society.

Produced by iDreams Entertainment of Abdullah Seja, it has been directed by Ahmed Bhatti of Ghairat fame.

The script has been penned down by Zafar Mairaj – a name behind several successful drama serials including Muqabil, Dumpukht, Ashk, Sangaat and Gul-e-Rana.

Drama promos indicate it to be a controversial story of two nikkahs. The writer, Zafar Mairaj, has forte of highlighting sensitive topics through his plays – be it a story of rape victim in Sangaat or curious case of child sexual abuse in Muqabil.

This time too he has again taken a bold step by jotting down a script about forced nikkah. The story revolves around a happy-go-lucky girl, Heer, whose life turned upside down when she is forced into a second nikkah by her family.

Will audience easily digest this sensitive topic of second nikkah? How will they react to it? Will director, actor and writer able to do the justice with the story?

Well, answers to these questions will be given after watching the first episode of the drama on Nov 20.

There is another good news for audience as they will able to see double episodes of the drama every Monday at 8pm.


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1 Comment

  1. L.

    How is this controversial? Anybody with basic knowledge of Islam knows a woman can only enter one nikah at a time. If you are forced to a second nikah, then it your duty to let people know you are already in somebodys nikah. I dont know any other society but desi who practise such jahiliya and bidah culture.

    Also you can not force a nikah. It would be void as it is by force and our religion does not permit force in religion. Nikah is part of religion. As is divorce.

    But back to the story. This story is really a love story and family loyalties. Her forced nikah is void and doesn’t count. If she sleeps with her “second husband”, by force, then it is rape or willingly, then she would have committed zina and infidelity because she has not finished her first nikah.

    The only way to finish a nikah is divorce. You can apply for Khul and forego all rights to alimony and Haq Mahr or your husband can divorce you 3 times with 1 month between each talaq and the third being irrevocable. Triple talaq spoken at the same time is another bidah practice and bordering on shirk concoted by our ulema and clerics. It is not practised anywhere in the Muslim world because talaq requires 1 month interval between each with the the two first ones being revocable (you can still stay together as husband and wife). After the talaq is final she must observe a period of Iddat before marrying somebody else. This drama just skips all this. Why?

    I dont know why the story is like this playing on something that doesnt even happen that often and is wrong. It is fostering further ignorance to people who are enslaved by culture and dont know their religion well enough to stand against force or pressure.

    Would it not have been great to make a love story between the two and with some more believale twists rather than this nonsensical content? It is a shame because Iqra and Bilals chemistry is great. We have many stories in real life which writers can incorporate while fostering knowledge. They can show the girl fight for her right. Afterall she is upper class, is educated but completely ignorant of her basic rights under law and religion. Respecting your Family is one thing. Committing haram things to please your family is something else. Allah says you must side with good and fight for truth and justice even if the opponent is your very own kin (family). Why does she suffer under her family?

    I am disappointed because this could have been done so much better. Also the ending. Why must it end like this? Why must the poor guy die? Has he not been through enough? And if he has to die why must she go back to the man who has put through so much pain. I mean does Pakistan have a male deficiency? They could also have shown her start her life somewhere new on her own and maybe meet an entirely new man.

    But no, they always show the woman caving, forgiving, submitting and going back to her tormenter, abuser and husband no matter what hell he puts her through, no matter if he cost her her baby, her parents or her reputation. It is wrong to keep showing misogyny winning and victims just showing sabr insntead of fighting to get out of this horrible situation. A woman can survive just fine without a man. It is hard in our society and country, but it is possible.

    On a different note, I think Bilal will go far. He seems very versatile and genuine in his acting. You see every emotion and his facial expressions convey each perfectly.

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