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Ajoka Theatre returns home after successful tour in India

Ajoka Theatre team is back in Pakistan after performing in India.

Indian press has showered praises on the performances not only because the theatre festival itself of-fered great quality, but also because the peace initiative of Ajoka Theatre is quite appreciable.

A 40 member Ajoka Theatre team of actors and technical crew performed in the first-ever festival of Pakistani theatre in India. “Humsaya Theatre for Peace Festival” took place between September 14-17, 2015 at Delhi’s most prestigious theatre venue, and it featured four of Ajoka Theatre’s landmark plays including “Bulha”, “Dara”, “Kaun hai Yeh Gustakh” and “Lo Phr Basant Aee”.

The festival was being held by Ajoka in collaboration with a Delhi-based peace organization Routes 2 Roots.

All major news-papers and news agencies including Times of India, Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Statesman, Deccan Herald, The Hindu, Naubharat Times, Asian Age and Mail Today have ran the story with interviews of Ajoka’s Shahid Nadeem and Madeeha Gauhar.

The four-day festival was followed by a seminar on Theatre for Peace being held at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University. The speakers at the seminar include Pran Nevile, Usha Ganguli, Bansi Kaul and Kewal Dhaliwal from India and Asghar Nadeem Syed, Madeeha Gauhar and Shahid Nadeem from Pakistan



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