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The Dawood Foundation announces Magnifi-Science Exhibition in Karachi

With an aim to encourage the quest of science in everyone, The Dawood Foundation (TDF),is organizing a grand science exhibition, Magnifi-Science, at Dawood Public School from 23rd to 25th September.

Studies reveal that even though the syllabus demands it, there are few young Pakistanis who want to study science and even fewer who want to become scientists – so the purpose of this exhibition is to give everyone especially children a platform where they are given an opportunity to learn about science and to encourage them to think critically and ask questions.  TDF Magnifi-Science is sponsored by Dawood Hercules Corp and Engro Corp while HUBCO is participating as its supporting sponsor.


According to a report by Alif Ailaan, the learning level of students in Sindh in 2013-2014, for Science and Maths is on an average of 17-18% whereas Karachi itself saw a drastic decline in science scores from 24% in 2013 to 17% in 2014.

TDF Magnifi-Science Exhibition is based on museum model where visitors will get involved in the wonders of science through interactive experiments, exhibits developed by specialists and professionals, and expositions by renowned organizations and innovators.


This was announced in a Press Conference on the 20th of September 2016 addressed by CEO of The Dawood Foundation, Sabrina Dawood, Former WWF CEO, Ali Hassan Habib, Dr. Samreen Amir from Dawood University of Engineering and Technology, Fasihuddin Biyabani from The Dawood Foundation and Consultant/Advisor to The Dawood Foundation, Maham Ali.

Sabrina Dawood while addressing the Press Conference said ‘This Science exhibition will inspire a positive change in society by providing an outlet for people to think and wonder about innovation and adopt them in order to improve quality of life.’ Sharing her thoughts on inclusive approach of initiative she added “We are grateful to the Department of Education and Literacy, Government of Sindh for  their immense support in mobilizing public schools across Karachi and giving students a chance to be part of our initiative. We are also thankful to numerous private educational institutes, leading corporate organizations and science clubs that are going to be part of this exhibition.”

The Exhibition will have three themes; Basic Sciences, Science of Technology and Earth Science to cater the interest of everyone in their favorite science field.

Ali Hassan Habib said “In a fast-changing world where people need to keep learning all their lives, such events provide a model for going beyond classroom education and I hope such events become a regular feature in schools all across Karachi and Pakistan.”

Participation from prominent companies such as REON Energy Ltd., Engro Fertilizers, Engro Foods Ltd, Siemens, Maersk, Indus Motors will play an important role in showcasing latest developments in industrial sector of Pakistan.

On the educational front, publishing houses such as Oxford University Press and universities like Dawood University of Engineering and Technology along with various science clubs will be helping students connect with science through different interactive workshops.

TDF Magnifi-Science Exhibition is a free public event to be attended by thousands of children, teachers, parents and families so they can have a fun-filled learning experience.







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