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5 reasons ‘Talent Eye’ is the ultimate destiny for aspiring actors

If you have a knack for acting and don’t know how to make it big in showbiz industry, then ‘Talent Eye’ is the right platform for you.

After a visit to the ‘Talent Eye’ office in Karachi, I want all of my friends and acquaintance to know about this wonderful platform which can help them make their dreams come true.

So what is ‘Talent Eye’? Well, the organization’s Managing Partner, Raheena Irshad accurately described it as a ‘casting solution provider’.

“Talent Eye serves as a bridge between aspiring artists and media experts but we don’t just help in the casting process. In fact, we offer a lot more than that; from portfolio shoots, to acting and grooming classes to preparing them for their actual presence on-set, which is all done free of cost.”

The veteran director, Kashif Nisar, jointly owns this organization with Q-Links & Larachi MD, Qaiser Ali, and Managing Partner, Raheena Irshad.

After having a detailed discussion with Raheena Irshad, I have listed five reasons ‘Talent Eye’ is an ultimate destiny for aspiring actors. Read on…

1. An entry point for an aspiring actor

Over the last few years, Pakistani drama industry has grown by leaps and bounds – and with growth the demand for new faces has also increased. Unfortunately, while our drama makers work with newer scripts, they have a limited talent pool to choose from.

With same old faces appearing in the small screen, it is becoming monotonous and to break this circle we desperately need some fresh blood to be injected into the mainstream media. But where should a newbie enter in an industry where there is a closed door behind every big production house and only saafrish can help? That is where ‘Talent Eye’ comes in.

To change all of this, ‘Talent Eye’ comes as a platform which not only guide actors to make the right move in industry, but also helps in honing their skills.

“The process starts at Talent Eye with a free-of-cost registration on the website, which enables an actor to upload his/her recent picture and a brief information about themselves. After that, the team at Talent Eye calls those people and lines them up for auditions, after viewing their portfolios. If we see potential in those candidates, we call them for free training and grooming sessions. Subsequently, after polishing our talent, we refer them to the television producers and numerous production houses,” Irshad said while explaining the entry procedure at Talent Eye.

2. Training under supervisions of experts

‘Talent Eye’ not only refers new actors to production houses, but they also help in equipping them with the latest acting skills. The aspiring actors have regular acting sessions with the leading actor and directors where they get introduced to the industry without entering into it.

“We have a team of highly competent and professional members working with us, including top-notch directors like Amin Iqbal, Yasir Nawaz, Nadeem Siddiqui, Mohsin Mirza, Ahmed Kamran, Roomi Insha, Danish Nawaz, & Omair Rana. For acting tips, we have veterans including Qavi Khan, Nauman Ijaz, Saba Qamar, Mikaal Zulfiqar, and many more,” Irshad said.

She also added that since it is vital to be well groomed and presentable, they also call in a stylist, who gives basic training sessions and demos in this area too.

“We manage talent’s dates, and recovery from production houses, which suggests that it is the kind of platform where actors get an opportunity to screen their talent, while earning good money too, she added.

3. Girls can enroll too without any fear

Raheena further added it is great for females to use this platform.

In our society when a girl steps out of home she has a lot fear regarding the outside world and loads of limitation from within the family too. In this glitz world there are high chances to be misused by some nasty people. To avoid any mishaps it is better to be surrounded by people who know and have industry insight – and ‘Talent Eye’ is certainly one such platform.

“All three of us (Kashif Nisar, Qaiser Ali, and Raheena Irshad) have been associated with the leading channels for over a decade and when someone goes to a set with our reference, then they have our credibility at the back,” Irshad said.

She also said that we especially encourage girls to contact us without any hesitation as we make sure that no one mistreats them at all.

“Apart from girls, senior citizens can also contact us – we have been fed up of watching two or three old aged actors doing all amma and baba roles. Recently yesteryear actress Sonia Khan has approached us and we have recommended her for character roles that suits her age,” Irshad added.

4. Online portfolios for actors

In this digital age we all know that there isn’t a better way to use virtual space to secure all your data. ‘Talent Eye’ has also worked on similar lines and has created a system where the complete portfolio of the actor is available on the website.

“We have a state-of-the-art web portal where we have allocated virtual space for all our artists. From actor’s portfolio shoots, auditions, videos, to booked dates, one gets to see all details about them on the website. It makes easier for producers and directors to sort the best from the lot. For example if a director is looking for a girl of an age of 18 to 20 from a middle class background, they can easily find it typing his specification in box,”she said.


Irshad also added that at Talent Eye they don’t bound actors with any contract; instead, they give them full liberty to work with other production houses too.

“We have already sent around 30 to 40 people to the sets – one of our actresses have been roped in by Big Bang Production for a lead role. Another one has been cast in drama serial Khot,” she said.

‘Talent Eye’s’ horizon is not limited to dramas only, but they have expanded it with movie and TVC casting too.

“We are also doing casting for films – we have four films at the moment with us for which we have contacted some known faces and looking for fresh talent too,” she said.

5. Talent hunt through campus drive

‘Talent Eye’ is using all the latest methods to bring in some talent on board. In search of fresh faces, they have visited all the leading universities in the country.

“In our latest campus drive, we have visited Punjab University, Beacon Medical University, Kinnard Collge, and National College of Arts where we sort out new talent from their different theatre and acting societies. In our next move, we have plans to visit different universities in Karachi including School of Leadership, Habib University, SZABIST, and CBM,” she said.

The best thing I have noticed in my entire conversation with Raheena Irshad was that I found these people to be really sincere to their work and have a passion to take this industry to another level. ‘Talent Eye’ doesn’t charge any amount for its services for training new comers; they just take a set percentage for the assignment you get through them.



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