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HUM TV provides new talent an opportunity to foray into showbiz

With a vision of more than just entertainment for its viewers, Pakistan’s premier entertainment network HUM Network Ltd, has always been a flag bearer for the promotion of Pakistani talent, creating opportunities with the idea of blending individualism with entertainment.

With innovation being the order of the day HUM Network has patently become an institution of shaping the dreams into reality with practicality of dedication and effort combined. It won’t be out of place to list this institution as a quintessential gateway to young talent.

To create a balance between past, present and future, setting the blaze of excellence once again, HUM Network is indeed delighted to present the new initiative of HUM S. Talent.

Nabila & Sultana Siddiqui

Taking inspiration beyond the boundaries, HUM S. Talent is an attempt to provide a platform to tailor and hone the creative talent of the country. As a platform which focuses on the idea of giving – HUM S. Talent aims to offer the budding talent an opportunity to polish their abilities in the light of reputable professionals of the entertainment industry.

It is an effort to encourage young talent nationwide to believe in themselves and their creativity.HUM S. Talent doesn’t ask for anything except for talent and dedication, because, the aim is to give this industry fresh and capable faces.

Where the talent’s dedication is the overriding ingredient for this journey of introducing new faces in the industry, the mission behind this idearemains to exclusively provide an environment that allows individuals to nurture their skills alongside proficient and acclaimed mentors providing assistance and teachings in the fields of acting, modeling and fields related to entertainment industry.

Since acting is hardcore, one needs to stay true to his/her vision to stand out among the rest and HUM S. Talent is the most important platform for the careers of such aspiring individuals to direct and hone their talent.

Under the prestigious leadership of President HUM Network, Ms. Sultana Siddiqui who has been an inspiration to not only the Pakistani women who dare to better their lives, but also to those who polish their skills to keep pace against all odds; HUM S. Talent aims to join dots on Pakistan’s entertainment landscape.

For all the talented people who needed the push and recognition, HUM S. Talent is what you have been waiting for.



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