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Tum Kon Piya Episode 1 Review

Yasir Nawaz’s much-awaited drama serial, Tum Kon Piya, starring Imran Abbas and Ayeza Khan in lead roles, has kicked off on a predictable note.

Based on Maha Malik’s best-selling novel the drama has a clichéd plot featuring a super-rich guy falling in love with gharib larki. Although I was already familiar with the storyline(thanks to online pdf of the novel), still I decided to switch to Urdu 1 last night to see how Yasir Nawaz would make this heart-touching story looked emotional and engaging on-screen.

Before I formally started dissecting the serial, here is a quick recap for those who didn’t get a chance to watch it.

A quick recap

As the drama opened we were introduced to the poetic Elma (Ayeza Khan) as a dutiful daughter who loved to take care of her father and two younger sisters, Neha, and Sonia, after the demise of the mother. Her life revolved around a family with whom she shared a beautiful bond of affection.


On the other hand, our hero Ramish was a man of his own principles. He was although brought up by his status-conscious parents but their thoughts never dictated his personality.


Just like our typical old filmy heroes, he loved to raise voice for the laborers working in his father’s factory. With his down-to-earth persona, he had major liking among the lower staff of the factory which his father, of course, didn’t like at all.

Elma’s father, Waqar Ali (Qavi Khan) was actually Ramish’s father first cousin and worked in his factory. The class difference between these two families had actually vanished all old acquaintances and the only relationship which lasted was that of the boss and a naukar.

Contrary to his father’s directions,  Ramish still valued Waqar chacha’s importance in his life. Once Waqar chacha fell down in office due to some illness and Ramish not only took him to hospital but also dropped him home. There, he got to meet Elma and fell in love with her at the first sight. Unlike our sharmai-ghabraye heroines, the girl also showed him a positive response with a beautiful smile on face.

Parallel to this, there run another story of Sharafat Khala’s (Hina Bayat) family. Her elder son, Zarbab (Ali Abbas) was a sole earner of the family and he kept special feeling for his sister’s friend Javeria. Sharafat Khala, of course, didn’t see this liking in a positive light and warned her daughter to avoid Javeria’s friendship as she was trying to trap Zarbab in her love.


The ensemble cast brilliantly carried clichéd plot on their shoulders

Although there wasn’t any novelty in the plot but it was the presence of big names like Ayeza Khan, Imran Abbas, Hina Bayat and Qavi Khan which hooked the audience to their television screen. Ayeza Khan and Imran Abbas pairing added freshness to the screen where the two looked extremely convincing in their roles. Breaking her ‘nakhrelya’ get-up of Pyare-Afzal, Ayeza came out as typical gharelo larki – although we liked the change but we expected her role to offer much more than being a dutiful daughter.

Tum Kon Piya

We have seen Imran Abbas as a romantic hero umpteen times – the recent was in very successful Mera Naam Hai Yousuf. This time, he was in his comfort zone with the expressions making girls go gaga over him.  I really liked Hina Bayat as the hyper cum dominating middle-class mom. She has once again proved her acting prowess in an unconventional role.

Hina Bayat

The romantic track by ghazal maestro, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan went really well with the flow of the story. So far, the first episode has left us with good vibes and we hope that it will continue to do so in coming episodes.



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