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Ammara Noman’s journey to culinary stardom

It’s a typical day on ‘Urdu 1’s Master Kitchen with Ammara’.

Crew members scurry around adding final touches to the impeccable set while celebrity chef Ammara Noman runs between the studio and make-up room to get ready for the show.

Everything looks perfect. From her freshly ironed MasterChef apron to the tastefully decorated kitchen – the ‘master kitchen’ is the next chapter in Ammara’s culinary career which we all saw take off last year.

She became the first ever Master Chef Pakistan after a televised competition. Her new show, co-hosted by Javeria Abbasi, is a Ramadan special on Urdu 1 where each episode features a celebrity guest who talks about their love of food and eating habits.

The incredible journey to celeb status

The silent contestant of Master Chef Pakistan, who was always busy in creating some out-of-the-box yet delectable recipes, has evolved into a confident celebrity chef and a writer of a culinary book, ‘My Winning Recipes.’

When I first met Noman on the sets of her upcoming culinary show, she appeared to be a reserved person but once the camera started rolling, she opened up about her food journey with a radiant smile on her face.

“Being a housewife, I used to love cooking for my family but what sets me apart from others are my big dreams to do something extraordinary for myself,” she said.

The chef added that her friends and family members used to make fun of her whenever she expressed the desire to do something great in life – but it was her husband’s firm belief in her that she managed to come this far in her career.

“As I said during my MasterChef Pakistan days, my husband is my biggest strength. I wasn’t confident of my skills when he was filling the competition forms for me but he was determined that the world should know about my hidden talent,” Noman added.

Mastering her dreams

The success of MasterChef Pakistan has opened several avenues for Noman.

“I used to watch our stars in dramas while cooking in my kitchen and at that time I never imagined that one day I’ll be cooking for them too. Meeting them through this platform is just incredible.”

.The elegantly decorated wooden set has an open kitchen with a well-ordered countertop and a coffee table in front of it – when Abbasi sits on the couch chit chatting casually with celebs, the talented chef keeps on giving her input while cooking delicious recipes in kitchen.

On ‘Master Kitchen with Ammara’ the chef prepares selected recipes from her book besides a Ramadan themed dish and a dessert. In every episode a copy of Noman’s culinary book, My Winning Recipes,’is also given to viewers through a quiz.

Noman has also dedicated a special segment for young girls in her show where she gives them useful cooking and grooming tips.

So, what’s next for her?

Noman is focusing on her culinary show but in future she has plans to take cooking as a serious business.

“During the show a few celebrities offered to start a business with them. You never know, one day you may see me running a successful restaurant with your favorite star,” she said with a smile.



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