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Exclusive: “My character in Hum TV’s Fitna has multiple layers”:  Danial Afzal Khan

The handsome hunk of television, Danial Afzal is back again in yet another interesting role. His latest television show is Hum TV’s Fitna where he plays the challenging role of a young boy who is sweet and caring but has multiple shades of personality that will reveal as the story progresses.

Fitna Drama Cast : Danial Afzal Khan

The first two episode of the drama has already been out – and we reached out to the actor to know more about his character in the drama.

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My character’s name is Shaheer. He is like a hard shell from the outside but once you get to know him you will find him sympathetic, caring, and extremely protective towards his loved ones,” the actor said in an exclusive rendezvous with us.

Danial Afzal Khan in Fitna

Danial Afzal Khan in FitnaHe further added his character will undergo a lot of changes throughout the play. In the initial episodes, he is shown as a romantic young guy who later transforms into a responsible man after heartbreak.

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Talking more about his character, Danial told us that in the drama he belongs to an affluent class but he never shows off his wealth. He is rather considerate towards all people he meets in life. “The character’s timeline is unpredictable and full of suspense,” the actor said.

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Fitna is written by Seema Sheikh and is directed By Haseeb Ali. It is a Momina Duraid Productions. The ensemble cast included Sukaina Khan, Omer Shahzad, Shuja Asad, and Maria Malik. The drama airs on Hum TV daily at 7:00 pm.


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