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Pakistan’s 2023 Oscar Entry, In Flames, to Premiere in Lahore

Zarrar Kahn’s groundbreaking debut feature, “In Flames,” has proudly secured its place as Pakistan’s official submission for the prestigious international feature category at the 2023 Oscars. Following a successful run in Karachi, where it received acclaim and is currently playing exclusively at Atrium Cinemas, the film is set to captivate Lahore audiences at Universal Cinemas and Cue Cinemas.

The film will premiere in Lahore at Emporium Mall on November 14 and Cue Cinemas at November 17, 2023.

Producer Anam Abbas, known for her work on films such as “Dagh Dagh Ujala (This Stained Dawn)” and “Showgirls of Pakistan,” sees “In Flames” as a revolutionary addition to the Pakistani film industry. The movie skillfully navigates genre to present a refreshing and poetic cinematic experience, breaking new ground in the country’s filmmaking landscape.

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Directed and written by the highly awarded Zarrar Kahn, “In Flames” delves into the repercussions of life in a fiercely patriarchal society. The narrative sheds light on the psychological impact of oppression and explores the complexities of young love in Pakistan. The film takes viewers on a poignant journey, revealing the difficult choices a mother and daughter must make in the aftermath of the patriarch’s untimely demise.

With its emotionally charged narrative and raw authenticity, “In Flames” has earned global acclaim, making waves at prestigious international film festivals including the 76th Cannes Film Festival, the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, and the upcoming Red Sea Film Festival. The film marks a significant milestone for Pakistani filmmakers, opening new horizons in the industry.



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