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Nabeel Qureshi, Hira Mani, Gul-e-Rana and Mani attacked during a drama shoot in Karachi’s PIB Colony

The Law and order situation is getting worst in the city and the media fraternity has become a latest victim of it. Reportedly, director Nabeel Qureshi along with his crew was attacked by a mob in Jamshed Quarters, Martin Road in Karachi’s PIB Colony on Monday night.

Actress Hira Mani, her husband Mani, senior actress Gul-e-Rana and other actors were present on the set when that incident happened. The mobile phones, wallets and filming gear were robbed in the horrific act.

Actor in Law director Nabeel Qureshi tweeted about the incident. He said the mob broke into the house they were shooting, where there were approximately 100 people and “harassed” the women and female actors. He wrote that the mob also beat up the crew and stole mobile phones and equipment.

“I don’t believe this!! Who is responsible? Who will answer for this?” said Mahira Khan in response to Qureshi’s tweet. In reply, the filmmaker told her he cannot believe it himself. He said he is still traumatised over what happened on the set of his upcoming drama.

“We had kids like 6 to 7 years of age, and Hira kept on requesting them to behave from inside the door. They were not listening, they broke the door! It is so disturbing,” said Qureshi.

Hira Mani also took to Instagram to inform her fans about the unfortunate incident, “It was a very unfortunate event to witness today and I wish and pray no one face[s] that ever in their life. I want to thank my team members who fought till the last with the culprits to save us and are in very bad condition in the hospital right now.”

She asked her followers to take a moment to pray for the crew’s speedy recovery.

Child artist Falak Shahzad Khan was also at the filming site at the time of the attack. He also wrote about the incident on Instagram.

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“We were at the shoot… they attacked on the team. Got into the house. All of us, Mani, Hira Mani, Nabeel Qureshi, Gul e Rana and Khushi Maheen and other team members were locked in a tiny room. Then the police and Rangers came and we were able to go back home,” Falak wrote.

A FIR against the criminals has been lodged by producer Ali Hussain at the PIB Colony police station. According to the complaint, a group of 40 to 50 men broke down the door and entered the house. They began to yell, curse, and assault the house owner and the film crew. According to the FIR, they came in with sticks, damaged the crew’s equipment, and seriously injured five members of the crew. One of the crew members was hit in the back of the head with a pistol butt.

A 2K light, bulbs, C-stands, avenger stand, 10kg jib weight, set pancake, and cables, as well as three mobile phones, two Vivo and one Sony Xperia, were stolen from the set.

According to the FIR, the house owner, Shakir, was told by his neighbours, Muhammad Ali and his brother Qasim, that the mob was led by them. According to the complaint, three others also assisted Shakir’s neighbours.



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