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Jaise Aapki Marzi Episode 24 Review: Unveiling the Gripping Dynamics of Narcissism in Marriage

Ever wondered what it’s like to be in a relationship with a narcissistic husband? We’ve got you covered! Join us as we dissect an on-screen couple that’ll have you shaking your head.

Diving deep into the fascinating world of human connections and self-obsession. Jaise Aapi ki Marzi is breaking barriers with its refreshing take on narcissism. Unlike other Pakistani dramas, this one shows the complexities of married life in a true sense.

Alizey’s Struggle: A Confident Soul in a Toxic Embrace

Alizey, a self-assured and accomplished young woman, finds herself entangled in the toxic web of a narcissistic relationship. As the narrative unfolds, we witness the profound impact on her life – she lost her job, her bond with her father and sister got shaken – and above all she lost her self-esteem and confidence.

Jaise aapki Marzi
Jaise aapki Marzi

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Sherry’s Facade: Success, Manipulation, and a Lack of Empathy

On the surface, Sherry appears to be a successful businessman deeply in love with Alizey. However, the reality reveals a narcissistic facade. Like any true narcissist, he thrives on manipulating situations, asserting superiority, and reveling in power plays. His lack of empathy, particularly when Alizey extends it towards others, adds layers to the drama. He strategically maneuvers by placing Alizey in challenging scenarios, whether it’s orchestrating a message to Natasha to vacate the house through Alizey or subjecting his father-in-law to humiliation through the offer of a substantial cheque

The Unconditional Love Deception

Why does Alizey succumb to Sherry’s manipulations? The answer lies in the deceptive guise of unconditional love that Sherry flaunts. This emotional manipulation becomes a tool, leading Alizey down a path of submission.

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Jaisae Aapki Marzi: A Sensible Exploration

With every episode, Jaise Aapi ki Marzi skillfully navigates through twists and turns, gradually etching its place in the hearts of viewers.The veteran actress turned director Saba Hamid has dealt with the subject very sensibly.


Stellar Performances: Mikaal Zulfiqar Takes the Lead

In the realm of performances, Mikaal Zulfiqar steals the spotlight with a stellar portrayal of Sherry. His nuanced performance in navigating the grey areas of narcissism stands as one of the best in his career. Dure Fishan, in her comfort zone, delivers a solid performance, but it’s Kiran Malik’s negative character that steals the show.

Anticipating Twists: Ali Safina’s Entry

The drama takes an intriguing turn with Ali Safina’s entry, promising a fresh perspective. As viewers, we eagerly await how he navigates the complexities, especially concerning Natasha. Will he take action to impart a lesson to Natasha, or will he continue to be submissive to her?

I have high hopes for the drama. I am looking forward to the coming episodes. What are your expectations from the drama – do tell me in the comments.



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