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Kabli Pulao Episode 11 Review: Haji Sahib faces new challenges of life

The eighth episode of Kabli Pulao opened on a positive note where we see Haji Sahib and Barbeena are happy in their husband-wife zone. However, Kabli Pulao Episode 11 review as the story progresses we get to see how people sabotage others’ happiness for their vested interest. Here we see how Hajra takes advantage of Barbeena’s innocence and plays around with her emotions.

Kabli Pulao Episode 11 Review

Haji Sahib and Barbeena – the perfect couple

Age should not be a barrier when it comes to a healthy relationship between two individuals. In the latest episode, once again emphasis has been given on the same. Barbena’s affection has won Haji Sahib’s heart and we are glad to see them living like normal husband-wife. Haji Sahib even trimmed his beard to attend a friend’s wedding function with Barbeena.

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in the 11th episode of Kabli Pulao The conversation between Haji Sahib and Barbeena on the terrace was the highlight of the current episode. The old husband opened up in front of his young wife and shared things that he hadn’t said before to anyone else. He told her how miserable he used to feel by staying alone all his life and fulfilling the responsibilities of bade bhai. While all his family members were enjoying a ‘happy married’ life he was all alone.

Kabli Pulao Episode 11 Review
Haji Mushtaq and Barbeena In Kabli Pulao

One thing is important to note here is that during the conversation with Barbeena, he never mentioned Shamim. Although she was there to provide emotional support to him all his life but the man had not given her a special place in his heart otherwise, he would have mentioned about her while talking about his loneliness.

Coming back to Haji Sahib and Barbeena’s relationship, the most beautiful thing about them is that they are progressive in every manner. I love the way they communicate with each other. In today’s world where we see a lot of married couples suffering and when you try to find out the core reason behind unsuccessful married relationships, it is often the lack of communication that leads to misunderstandings and conflicts.

In Kabli Pulao, Haji Sahib shares his feelings with Barbeena and she is always all ears to him – responding to his statements and assuring her support in every aspect of his life – and its simply beautiful.

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Hajra betrays Barbeena’s trust

Hajra has gifted an expensive phone to Barbeena to fulfill her plans. She is secretly working on a documentary on the life of Haji Mushtaq and Barbeena and to generate content for the same, she handed over an expensive phone to Barbeena to keep a check on their activities. The innocent Afghani girl is unaware of Hajra’s mischievous plans. In the promo of the next episode, it has been shown that Hajra’s true face will be revealed in front of Haji Mushtaq but it will become too late to fix it by then.

Hajra and Barbeena in Kabli Pulao
Hajra and Barbeena in Kabli Pulao

Ghaffar traps Chammo again 

Ghaffar has once again tried to frame Chammo by forcing her to sell her property. He tried to lure her by taking her on a lunch date but his evil intentions eventually got revealed when he told Chammo that he had plans to sell her house to run his business. Initially, Chammo refused to help him but later got trapped in his words and agreed to sell her property. The decision would give a harsh setback to Chammo but for now, she was unaware of the consequences.

Ghaffar & Chammo in Kabli Pulao
Ghaffar & Chammo in Kabli Pulao

The police officer confesses his love for Shamim

In the current episode, it has also been revealed the reason why the police officer keeps a grudge for Haji Mushtaq. He came to Shamim and told her about his affection for her. He mentioned that since his childhood he had a special place for her in his heart and whenever she gave preference to Haji Mushtaq over him, he got pissed off. That grudge turned into anger with time and that was the reason he humiliated Haji Sahib and sabotage his image whenever got a chance.

Nadia Afgan as Shamim in Kabli Pulao
Nadia Afgan as Shamim in Kabli Pulao

Haji Sahib staged up a Kabli Pulao’s cart with the help of Barbena

Haji Sahib left his job as a salesman when he found out that Qayum was after him. Hajra suggested Haji Sahib stage up a Kabli Pulao cart in the locality to earn a livelihood.  He got agreed without thinking about the challenges he had to face in setting up a new business.

How would he cope up with the new challenges of life? Will Barbeena continue supporting him in every thick and thin of life? What will happen when Hajra released her documentary about Haji Sahib and Barbeena?

To know more about it keep watching Kabli Pulao every Tuesday at 8:00pm only on Green Entertainment.




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