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Kabli Pulao: Episode 7 Drama Review: Celebrating Family Values & Respect for Elders

The latest episode of Kabli Pulao is all about family values and respect for elders. The real panic began when Abba Jee went out of the house with Barbeena without informing anyone. It was the moment when all the family members realized his importance in the clan. They all agreed that they were nothing without him. Haji Mushtaq made big sacrifices in life just to bring smiles to his loved ones and now when his time came, everyone backed out. Nobody stood for him in tough times.

Kabli Pulao Episde 7 Drama Review: Celebrating Family Values & Respect for Elders

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In the meanwhile, Ayesha came back home and when she found out that Abba Jee had left the house she immediately rushed to her dadi’s grave as she knew Abba Jee would be there. She was right as Haji Mushtaq had taken Barbeena to his mother’s grave. He was clueless at that time and he thought he would find solace in the company of his deceased mother. Shamim also came there and asked for forgiveness but Haji Mushtaq strictly told her that the damage she had created would never be rectified and he would never forgive her.  It was one of the touching scenes of the episode because Haji Mushtaq had a unique bond with Shamim. She had been a vital support in the tough times of his life. Their relationship was not that of love, it was in between love and friendship and relied more on trust than anything else.

Haji Mushtaq had not expected Shamim that she would humiliate him in public so he was upset with her. On the other hand, Shamim was guilty of getting emotional at the moment. She had no idea that her hue and cry were being recorded on the camera and later it would be used as a tool to humiliate his beloved Mushtaq.

Ayesha convinced Abba Jee to return home and there everyone welcomed him open-heartedly. Considering Haji Mushtaq’s importance in the clan, all get agreed to accept his wedding with #Barbena. Although Qayoom has serious concerns regarding Barbena and Haji Mushtaq’s relationship. Still, he shows respect towards his big brother and joins the family in the shadi festivities.

While they all were busy in shadi festivities, Chammo was upset as her husband had left her.  Haji Mushtaq realized that his sister was not happy so the very next day he went to convince his brother-in-law but failed to convince him.

Barbeena was also confused, she had great respect for Haji Saab and she had accepted his marriage with him but deep down in her heart, she missed Baran. In flashback, we got to see interesting banter between Baran and Barbeena – which introduced us to the immense love they both had for each other.

Coming to performances, all have done their part convincingly and we loved them all. Overall, it was fascinating to see a story of simple people with a lot of positivity an integral part of their nature.

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