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Mein: Episode 12 Review – The Focus is more on style over substance

In the recent episode 12 of ARY Digital’s drama serial, ‘Mein,’ the predominant focus on styling and production seemed to overshadow the potential impact of powerful dialogues and intense acting.

The unnecessary attention to Ayeza’s wardrobe distracted my attention from the main plot. Within the span of this 40-minute serial, Ayeza’s character changed clothes in every frame. She astonishingly donned around 6 to 7 different outfits.

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Is Ayeza’s character in Mein similar to hubby Danish Taimoor’s aggressive on-screen persona?

While Ayeza’s performance in the series is commendable, it couldn’t escape my observation that her character bore a striking resemblance to the aggressive persona typically associated with her husband, Danish Taimoor. Since the trailer for ‘Mein’ was unveiled, it left me with a strong impression that Ayeza Khan might have sought advice from her husband, Danish Taimoor, in portraying MJ’s character. This encompassed not only body language and attitude but also expressions and wardrobe choices that echoed the typical roles Danish Taimoor is known for. These usually involve playing a dashing, aggressive, and affluent character who views himself as Mr. Perfect, aiming to conquer his desires, whether they be luxurious possessions like bikes and cars or girls.

In ‘Mein,’ we are introduced to MJ, a spoiled rich brat who is accustomed to leading life on her terms. She embodies perfectionism in every aspect of her life, even dictating her love life. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when her husband betrays her for her best friend. While her life initially comes to a standstill, she eventually devises a strategy to overcome her grief.

Ayeza Khan in episode 12 Mein
Ayeza Khan in episode 12 Mein

To prove her excellence as a homemaker, she embarks on another relationship. In this endeavor, she faces opposition from her new partner, challenging her claim to supremacy. What will she do now to win the game this time? Well, we have to wait for few more episodes. For now, here is a quick recap of the episode 12.

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Quick Recap:

As far as story is concerned, no significant development has happened in the episode. Zaid and MJ embarked on a honeymoon, where Zaid’s decision to leave MJ alone in the room while he partied in the city fueled her anger. MJ has always been the center of attention wherever she goes, and Zaid’s ignorant behaviour was difficult for her to endure. Frustrated, she took revenge from her sister-in-law Kashmala. (Zaid’s younger sister). MJ kicked her out of the house and asked her not to return until her brother apologized.

azekah daniel aijaz aslam in Mein

Meanwhile, Aira’s family continues to grapple with crises. Her brother, Arif, faces job termination, and his car is vandalized by a group of troublemakers. Zaid’s father appears to be actively working to tarnish Aira’s family’s reputation.

The Odd Behavior of Zaid’s Father:

Throughout the episode, Zaid’s father stood out as an enigmatic character with perplexing behavior. Despite Aira’s absence from his son’s life, he sent his men to harass and torment Aira’s family, displaying an inexplicable protectiveness toward his daughter, Kashmala. He had previously orchestrated Kashmala’s wedding and coerced Zaid into marrying MJ. Now, he was compelling Zaid to apologize to MJ and bring her back home. His actions seem rooted in materialism and a lack of empathy for others. His excessive concern for a daughter who marries into an elite family starkly contrasts with his role in forcing his obedient son into a marriage that appears to be causing a rift in their relationship. Instead of attempting to mend the situation, his actions are driving his son further away from him.

episode 12 mein review
episode 12 mein review

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 What to Expect in the Next Episode:

The preview for the next episode doesn’t promise significant developments. Zaid continues to provoke Mubashar by engaging in behavior she disapproves of, such as spending time with other women and humiliating her in public.

As we look forward to the next episodes of ‘Mein,’ we can only speculate about the dramatic twists and turns that await. Please feel free to share your expectations and thoughts on the series in the comments section.






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