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Mein Episode 1 Review: The first episode was all about ‘MJ’ and her ‘Miss Perfectionist’ standards

If you have tuned into ARY Digital to watch, Mein, for Wahaj Ali – then you may get a little disappointed, as you don’t get to see a lot of him. Although the episode kicked off with the dashing boy, Wahaj Ali as Zaid, standing on a luxurious yacht somewhere in Dubai after that scene, the drama was mostly about Ayeza Khan as Mubashra Jaffar aka MJ, and her ‘Miss Perfection’ attitude and standards.

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The story is a little different from what we expected after seeing the trailer. So far there isn’t any romance going on between Wahaj(Zaid) and Ayeza (MJ). MJ is already married – and happily dominating the husband-wife relationship. Aga Mustafa as Mohib plays her submissive husband.  MJ is a daughter of a big business tycoon, Jaffar played by Usman Peerzada. Authority is the key characteristic of MJ’s personality – she has very intelligently chosen her companions which primarily consist of people who obey her orders and praise all her decisions and activities. Her best friend, Hira, often gets offended when MJ imposes orders on her. Even MJ’s husband is not happy with her dominating nature. She even doesn’t allow him to meet his mother. All these bitter experiences lead to a horrific ending when MJ’s husband gives her the biggest surprise of her life at the anniversary celebration party in the form of a divorce paper’. The first episode has ended here and we know how devastating that news must be for MJ. To know how she’ll deal with it we have to watch for the next episode.

Ayeza Khan in Mein
Ayeza Khan in Mein

Another story that runs parallel in the drama is that of Zaid. He is the scion of a multimillionaire businessman, played by Shahzad Nawaz who is a business partner with MJ’s father Jaffar. Zaid has a girlfriend, Ayra (Azeekah Daniel). She belongs to the upper middle class and lives with her bhai and Bhabhi.

Wahaj Ali in Mein
Wahaj Ali in Mein

The first episode gets a mixed response from the viewers – while some loved the show many doesn’t find any novelty in the plot and appearances. Ayeza dominated the show with her brilliant acting performance – she nailed it in the role of an elite girl. Her style game was also spot on – with shimmery gowns, stunning kaftans, and stylish attires complementing her character.

Wahaj looks dashing too. So far, his character doesn’t show an arch as he is presented as a simple boy in love with a girl. There were some obvious audio glitches that destroy the mood. However, overall it was a gripping episode.

The story is predictable as MJ’s divorce it is clear that now Zaid will be pressured to marry her. To know how will it happen and under what circumstances they both show their agreement to the wedding we have to wait for more episodes.






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