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Moiz Abbas’s short film Spezala is inspired by Malala Yousufzai’s life

The young recipient of the Zee5 Global Content Festival Award, Moiz Abbas, is back with his latest offering, a short film titled Spezala – a story inspired by the courageous life of Malala Yousufzai.

Moiz shared the first poster of the short film on social media while giving a brief narrative about his latest venture.

“Today, on International Women’s Day, I am proud to announce the short film “Spezala”, which tells the inspiring story of a young Pashtun girl who is determined to get an education despite the obstacles in her path,” he wrote in a tweet.

We reached out to the young filmmaker to know more about his project.

“Through my short film, I have tried to address an important issue of girls’ education. Unfortunately, even in today’s age, our girls have been deprived of their fundamental right to education. They have to face obstacles in obtaining an education. Our story is about one such brave girl who fights for her basic rights,” Moiz Abbas said.

As far as casting is concered, filmmaker was looking for somebody who could build an emotional connection with the story.
“Our lead for the story is a fresh face – we selected her because we could see her emotionally connected to the journey our lead character went through in the film”, he said.

He further added that they have a nice mix of veteran and young talent on board for this project.

Since it is a story about a Pashtun girl Moiz Abbas has chosen beautiful locations in Quetta and nearby areas for high relatability factor .

To showcase the short film, the maker is aiming for big international film festivals including Oscars Shorts, Toronto film Festival and Cannes.

“We will complete the shoot by the end of March and hopefully our trailer will be out after Eid-ul-Fitr. The trailer has an interesting mix of thrilling visuals, high-on-emotion scenes, and call to action for the girls who are facing huge challenges for securing their basic rights,” Moiz further said in the end.



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