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 ‘It’s not easy to do natural acting’: Aksbandh’s lead actor Danial Afzal Khan

 VJ turned actor Danial Afzal Khan is all set to make a film debut with Pakistan’s first found footage film,  Aksbandh. We spoke to the actor where he shared that working in a horror film was adventurous and fun. Excerpts:

 Tell us about your character?

My character’s name is Ayan – he is very arrogant and snobbish kind of a guy. As a foreign qualified filmmaker, he set on a journey with his close friends in the interior Sindh to record his directorial project. This character also has a superiority complex and he never listens to other, instead wants everyone to follow his instructions.

Ayan’s personality has grey shades where he initially introduced as a positive guy but later on shows negative traits. This transition from positive to negative also gives me room to play around with my role and to show different moods and emotions on-screen.

Danial Afzal Khan

How was your experience of working in this film?

The experience was adventurous and fun. I learnt a lot especially because we are exploring a new kind of film genre through this project. It enables us to come out of traditional filmmaking techniques and be experimental in approach. While we are recording for any film we are required to stay within the limited frame but here we have liberty to move around freely because the camera was moving with us.

Honestly speaking, the experience was a bit hectic too because we are required to do natural acting with perfection. People often think that it’s easier to do natural acting but actually, it is not as there is a fine line defining your actions.

Aksbandh BTS (8)

Did your experience of VJ-ying help while acting in a movie?

It did help me a lot especially when it comes to facial expression and voice control. In my show, I used to do mimicry which helps me to know about my voice range and improves facial expressions.

What other projects are you currently working on?

Well, I am doing four drama projects where I am playing both negative and positive roles.




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