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iDreams Ghayal is a story about frenemies

What happen when your best friend becomes your enemy? Well, iDreams upcoming serial, Ghayal, starring Sumbul Iqbal and Gohar Mumtaz, shows how a best friend ruins the life of a person who blindly trust him.

The captivating promos of the drama serial have already been out showing the interesting bond of Adil(Gohar Mumtaz) and Tooba(Sumbul Iqbal) who values their friendship above anything else but when the time comes to test it the boy betrays the girl.

iDreams representative, Sania Akram, exclusively revealed the drama storyline to us.

“Adil and Tooba have been best friends since childhood. Tooba considers him as a protector, savior and a good friend who will stand for her no matter whatever happens. Their relationship took a turn when he kidnaps her at her wedding night – the drama will show how that one night destroys Tooba’s life and also affects the others in her family,” she said.

Sania also added Ghayal will show interesting transformation of Sumbul Iqbal from a fun loving girl to a mature woman.

“There are lots of shades in Sumbul’s character – initially she is shown as a fun loving young girl who gets traumatized with the drastic changes in her life and emerges out as a confident girl,” Akram added.

The promos have also showed singer turned actor Gohar Mumtaz as a psychopath lover who threatens Tooba to destroy her life. The drama ensemble cast also included Asad Siddiqqui, Tipu Shareef,  Shahzeen Rahat,  Talat Hussain and Abid Ali.

Directed by Furqan T Siddiqui and written by Shagfta Bhatti the drama is all set to air on ARY Digital from July 21 at 8:00pm.






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