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Nadia Khan is back on Geo and I love it!

Yaar maza agaya! was the first thought that came into my mind after watching Nadia Khan’s comeback morning show on Geo Television.

There wasn’t any dhoom-dhamaka or shadiyaane to announce Khan’s comeback, rather a decent and simple atmosphere welcomed me as soon as I switched my television on early morning.

It was only a few days ago that I interviewed Khan regarding her morning show for Geo. The first thing that I noticed about her, at the time, was her friendly demeanor. She’s not a person who’ll make you feel alienated, instead she keeps you engaged, which is a delight for an interviewer.

The morning show was also similar in nature as Khan kept the audience engaged with her lively conversation.

The pioneer of this new genre of morning shows, Nadia Khan graced the television screen after a gap of almost four years. It was sheer pleasure seeing her welcoming smile early in the morning.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t get a chance to watch her first show where she visited former President of Pakistan General Pervaiz Musharaf’s house. I watched the show where she invited drama and film star Sohai Ali Abro.

Here is my take on the Nadia Khan Show and what I like and dislike in it.

The minimalistic set

The minimalist set has been designed like a drawing room, making it comfortable for guests to sit and relax in a simple and cosy environment. Vibrant hues have been used in accessories to keep the mood energetic, but primary colors of the set are blue and yellow (drawn from Geo’s official logo).

The set has a two-seater white sofa with black cushions nicely placed on it. For host, there is a black and white comfy single sofa with a side table carrying Khan’s signature coffee cup. This (thankfully) leaves no space for the much-coveted live audience.

There is a collage of Khan’s pictures and an interesting painting in the background. A bricked wall serves as an entrance point for guests.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that there isn’t any live audience hindering the flow of conversation between the guest and the host with their untimely clapping. This initiative was taken on Khan’s request as she doesn’t want live audience to distract her during the show.

The engaging format

The theme of the show is casual and basic: the one we often find in most rendezvous shows. Khan hasn’t incorporated any garish segments, in fact some old segments like ‘Happy To You’ have been included on popular demand.

Some segments haven’t been launched yet. They will make it to our screens as the show progresses, the host revealed by and by.

The show I watched had a segment dedicated to gossip hosted by Khan’s Islamabad-based friend Kiran Haris. In this segment, Haris will update us about the trending topics of social media –from CDA raid in hotels in Islamabad to Pakistan vs England cricket series in the UAE.


Nadia Khan as spontaneous and funny as ever

When I tuned in to the show, I didn’t feel that Khan was facing the camera after a gap of four long years. She was confident, spontaneous and humorous as always.

Unlike other morning show hosts, she wasn’t decked in heavy embellished clothes. She maintained an understated style.

Not even for a minute, did I feel that Khan was following a script. She was chatting with her guest naturally, giving examples of the mistakes she made in the past. This made the show easy on the eyes and ears. I could listen to Nadia Khan for a good hour or two more.

Her expressions were spot on when she reacted to odd(read stupid) statements given by live callers.

Background score was a bit off

Since I’ve mentioned so many positives of the Nadia Khan Show, you must be wondering how can a show be so perfect? It was near-perfect as far as morning shows are concerned; the only annoying thing was the background score. The annoying sound playing in the background was…annoying and came across as noise when someone (like me) was trying to focus on conversation. I honestly believe they should get rid of this music to make the show more saner.

Final Verdict

Nadia Khan Show is a must watch show for you if you enjoy friendly banter, especially when it is coming with heavy dose of entertainment.



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