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Rubya Chaudhry’s take on her clothing line

Model, actor and singer Rubya Chaudhry adds another title to her already quite multi-faceted career. She has launched a clothing line called Children of Spring.

The initiative has been taken in collaboration with Supria Rehman of Patiher, a label that has been running successfully for eight years.

Chaudhry’s brainchild, Children of Spring targets women who keep their individuality in mind, are gutsy enough to be who they want to be, and take immense pleasure in styling themselves.

We spoke to Chaudhry to know the idea behind the brand.

Where did the idea of a clothing line come from?

I think I have a problem that I can’t sit still and I keep looking for something exciting and challenging. My love affair with fashion does help in this particular endeavor. I was fantasizing about designs, and I guess like anything else that brews in my brain, it needed an outlet.

Having Supria’s support, made things manageable and legit, since she’s a qualified fashion designer. And just as the philosophy behind my brand goes, I didn’t think too much about it, and went with my instinct, and let it blossom.

How would you describe your personal style?

Every emotion has a place in our lives, at one point or another. The same way, every feeling, color, mood, exists in some capacity or another and needs to be experienced to it’s fullest. That’s it. Always being open to change, to growth, to surprises; taking things head on, being the adventure that I want to live. I don’t know how that translates to physical style, but it just does.

What should we expect from Children of Spring?

I’m seeing things as I go along. I’m sure there’s lots to learn. Honestly, I haven’t given a thought to if things will sell or not. I’d like for people to wear our stuff, the idea is already making me giddy with excitement. I just never want to be deliberately boring. If boring becomes fun in my head, sure! But I want to be able to stretch the limits, do things my way, be excited, and get others excited in the process too.

Although winter comes for only two seconds in Karachi, I really want to do a sweet winter collection. More of what’s already been seen will be available in a variety of colors and slight alterations. A bit of a crazy surprise is also coming up soon. Can’t wait to have fun with this!

Apart from fashion designing, modelling, and acting, Chaudhry also appears in music videos and comedy skits. She will next be seen in a short film, Aasiqui which is slated to release in December.

This post first published in hipinpakistan.com


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