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‘Mein Kamli’ talks about honour killing and women empowerment

The relatively new production house, Zeekay Film’s newest production is the upcoming drama Mein Kamli, which is set to address the important issues of honour killing and women empowerment in its story.

Zeekay Chief Executive Officer Zeeshan Khan spoke to HIP and said that Mein Kamli is based on a simple philosophy that societies can survive with illiteracy, but without justice it falls down.

“Mein Kamli* is not just to entertain audience, but through it we have tried to educate them by addressing serious issues. Our story has different chapters like honour killing, women education, women empowerment, injustice, and immature love and its consequences,” Khan said.

The play is directed by Ahmed Bhatti, known for his serials like Meray Ajnabi and Dil-e-Barbad and scripted by Bushra Aijaz. The cast includes Soniya Hussain, Noman Ijaz, Ali Abbas, Uzma Hassan, Saba Faisal, Imran Arooj, Ghana Ali, Hanan Sameed, Parveen Akbar, Yasra Rizvi, and Rashid Farooqui.

Nazeer Sultan (Noman Ijaz) is a lawyer by profession, but heads the state which comprise of over 70 villages.

“The USP of the state is the justice of the head. The inhabitants have never gone to district police station as they are happy with their landlord and seek his orders in major decisions of their lives. Nazeer Sultan’s justice gets questioned when a case of young girl, Zulekha, comes in his shahi adalat,” Khan added.

Zulekha (Soniya Hussain) is an educated girl who falls in love with her childhood friend and neighbor, Sikander (Ali Abbas). Her parents don’t accept their relationship and force her to marry a guy of their choice. The two make plans to elope, but destiny has different plans for them.

The drama is shot on a 4k camcorder along with Arriflex anaphoric lenses for a better cine grading. Zeekay Production has worked a lot on the minute details of their characters. Each character has certain specifications which reflects through the styling and wardrobe.

“We have specific different colours for our character like you will see Noman Ijaz wearing white throughout the play because it’s the requirement of his role,” Khan said.

The drama was shot in a small hilly area Garho near Thatta district in Karachi. The production house built a temporary set of a small village.

“We have brought a lot of Lahore actors to Karachi to shoot for the drama serial. The aim was to build a mini Punjab in Sindh,” the Zeekay CEO said.

He also said he hasn’t shot the drama’s end yet because he wants the audience to decide that.

“We are a research based content producers and we believe in taking the story forward in a way our audience wants. So we have recorded the first phase, but to shoot the last part, we will wait for the drama to air and see how people respond to it,” he said

The drama’s OST has been composed by Shahbaz Ali Khan whereas Wajih has sung it. It will air on the recently launched, Aaj Entertainment soon.




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