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Gubbaare: A short film on Shakespeare’s ‘Seven Ages of Man’

Almost all of us must have read Shakespeare’s Seven Ages of Man at least once in our lives; may be as part of our academic syllabus or just for fun. This beautiful narration of different phases of life inspired a young student of PAF-KIET, Syed Saad, so much that he decided to make a short film on it.

I got to see the promo of the short film through a random post on my Facebook timeline. The neat execution with interesting dialogues grabbed my attention and I immediately contacted the guy behind this brilliant production, that is Syed Saad.

Saad told HIP that filmmaking was one of the course of his university curriculum. They used to make short movies as part of their semester assignment for this specific subject. Once he graduated, they (he and his friend) decided to pursue filmmaking professionally and thus came up with the idea to produce Gubbaare.

“One day I was sitting randomly at my home when the idea to make a film on Seven Ages of Man popped in my mind. I, immediately contacted my friend and university mate Hammad-ul-Hassan, who has great interest in movies and dramas. Once he agreed to invest in this project I started writing the script.

The 25-30 minute short film was shot in only three to four days on selected venues.

“We used to head out from home in the wee hours of the day to utilize maximum sunlight and work [shoot] continuously till 6pm in the evening,” he said.

Saad further added that the World Wide Web has made it easier for them to present their work to the vast audience.

“Each day film festivals are held all across the globe and we are planning to register in one such platform as mostly they don’t charge for it,” he added.

The film is a team effort of three people; Syed Saad(writer/actor/director), Aghmaza(actress) and Hammad-ul-Hassan(director/producer).

Gubbaare is a short film about a young man, who is patiently waiting for the arrival of his train. He is aloof, content in his isolation and buried in Shakespeare’s sonnet Seven ages of Man. He is soon joined by a young woman and the two cannot be more alike.

She is boisterous, emotional and all over the place. Delay in the train sparks an unlikely friendship, serving as a coming of age moment for the boy, who experiences all the stages of life in this singular turn of events. The two share little of themselves to one another as they flit around, bonding through basic human traits such as panic, depression and most importantly joy.

The trailer of the film is out and the team plans to release the film on January 1.



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