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Aima Baig sings for 7Up

Baig’s elder sister and her manager Komal Baig told HIP that the shoot was done in a day in Beaconhouse National University’s (BNU) Tarogil Campus in Lahore.

“7Up was looking for young artists for their winter theme and they called Aima for it after listening to her songs. She didn’t have to go through any auditions and was signed right away,” said Aima Baig’s elder sister.

The video features Aima Baig singing and enjoying barbecue with her friends. Aima Baig while talking to HIP said that she had an amazing experience shooting for the song.

“The entire song has been done in one night and it reminded me of my university days when [friends] we used to meet-up at each other’s and enjoy the thanda mausam,” she said.

Baig shared that she had started singing at the age of 7.

“My father and sisters are my biggest inspiration. I have grown up seeing them singing jingles and songs for different advertisements,” she said.

Following her father’s footsteps, Baig started singing. It all started from a small corner in her home where she used to practice her craft.

She used to perform in college functions and one day PCB event organizer Saleem Kamran spotted her due to her unique vocals. He later promoted her in different inter-city events.

While Baig was in university, she met Khawar Jawad – the music composer for Shoaib Mansoor’s blockbuster film Khuda Ke Liya. He gave her big break by signing her for his upcoming film Saya-e-Khuda-e-Zuljalal.

“He didn’t tell me that he has signed me for a movie song. He just recorded two songs with me and later told that it was for his upcoming film starring Shaan Shahid,” said Aima Baig.

Apart from releasing solo underground numbers, Baig has also sang a song with Mubashir Lucman for Shaukat Khanum Hospital’s cancer patients.

“My mother is a cancer patient and when Mubashir sahab contacted me to sing for a social cause and that too for cancer patients, I immediately gave my approval for it,” she said.

She has also sung a song Nanhay Hatoon Mein Qalam for ISPR. Aima Baig is surely one talented girl and we wish her all the best for her future projects.



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