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Pakistan People Party’s Anthem ‘ Dilan Teer Bija” is a new club song for Indians

The evergreen anthem of Pakistan Peoples Party, ‘Dilan Teer Bija’ is playing on a high demand in the night clubs of India. 

Recently a video has gone viral on media where youngsters have been shown going crazy on the tunes of Dilan Teer Bija at a club in Hyderabad.

Some Facts About ‘Dilan Teer Bija’

  • Pakistan People’s Party’s evergreen Anthem was released back in 1987s.
  • ‘Dila Teer Bija’  means an arrow to your heart in Balochi.
  • The song is based on a funky, beat-heavy rendition of Baloch folk music.
  • It is composed and produced by Zahoor Khan Zaibi and sung by Shabana Noshi.
  • The song was recorded in a music studio in Karachi’s vast slum area, Lyari.


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