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Neem Episode 2 Review: Syed Jibran leaves a mark as a feisty antagonist

Whenever a drama serial starts on television, we often appreciate the leading couple for impressing us with their amazing chemistry but here in HUM TV’s latest offering Neem, we get super entertained watching Syed Jibran as a hostile and aggressive villain, Karamat.

Syed Jibran steals the limelight in a role where he considers himself superior to others and never leaves an opportunity to show his barbarian nature – be it a scene where he smashed the TV sets when he saw his daughter and wife watching a song on it or a situation where he can’t control his anger seeing his favorite wrestler for losing the game.

In the latest episode, he reveals his villainous nature to the core when he asked his father to marry Zimal(Mawra Hocane) who is the same age as his daughter. Although Baba Jaan has refused his proposal we are damn sure that he will make efforts to win Zimal at any cost. There is a possibility that in doing he may hurt the feelings of many loved ones.

Let me tell you about another interesting twist in the drama – Zimal is engaged to a young and educated boy Shazil (Arslan Naseer) and a local goan wala, Ashhad (Ameer Gilani) is also in love with her. While they all are making efforts to win Zimal’s heart – her interest falls somewhere else.

She is a young educated fellow with dreams to change the patriarchal system of society. She believes in equality of humanity and therefore suggests her grandfather hand over their land to villagers who live there.

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Zimal doesn’t believe in a fairytale where a prince comes to rescue a princess

The headstrong Zimal is not your girl next door – her idea of life is way different than many other girls of her age who are waiting for their Prince Charming to complete their fairytales.

We just loved the part where Zimaal shows the other side of a fairytale where a girl gets trapped in the stupid world of fantasy. Here the maturity of the writer, Kashif Anwar, becomes evident when he sensibly addresses issues and shows girls that life is not a bed of roses and that one needs to take charge of their life before anyone takes advantage.

The drama beautifully breaks the ‘bubble of influencers’

These days every other person has turned into a ‘social media influencer’ and we admire how beautifully this issue has been tackled in the drama. We often see people clicking pictures with celebrities and stars thinking that the person must have a ‘great PR or contact’ but in reality, they sometimes humiliate themselves just to get a click with ‘someone famous’. Shazil’s elder brother is shown as one such person who likes to click a picture with a notable person and he won’t mind if he gets it at the cost of getting humiliated by anyone.

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I would also like to mention that the drama also addresses another important issue of online business. After the covid every other person has jumped into the ‘bandwagon of online entrepreneur’ and here in Neem, Shazil’s Bhabhi plays the character of a businesswoman who runs her clothing business online. However, to make it a success story, she relies on the dua of aamil baba than equipping herself with the latest tools.

Neem has made a good start with captivating performances and an intriguing plot. Syed Jibran and Mawra Hocane have so far impressed us the most and we are waiting for Arslan Naseer and Amee Gillani to leave their mark in the coming episodes.




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