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Drama Review: Yumna Zaidi starrer ‘Pukaar’ makes an average start this week

Six Sigma Plus latest offering, Pukaar, starring Yumna Zaidi and Zahid Ahmed in lead roles, has opened its account with an average episode. The characters have been introduced in not-so-engaging manner making you feel even why you have been wasting your time in watching it – but it doesn’t mean that it will remain like this forever.

yumna zaidi first drama

When the drama promo aired almost a month ago, it really got me stuck with its compelling tale. It is about a happy-go-lucky girl, Samra, (Yumna Zaidi) who becomes a victim of our-so-called patriarchy norms and values and has ended up turning in to a lonely and sad soul.

The first episode kicked off with a scene where Samra’s parents arranged a surprise birthday celebration for her. Meanwhile, her friend (son of a feudal lord) Fahad Sultan trespassed her house and proposed her. The girl was shocked at his gesture as she only considered him as a good friend and nothing else. She asked him to leave the house at once before anyone else saw him there.

The rest of the episode revolves around the same scene where he tried to convince her to accept his love for her, even he took help of their mutual friend, Aiman for it but all his efforts went into vain.

However, the luck seemed to be on Fahad’s side as he came as a savior for Samra’s father when he was trapped among the local robbers. Initially, Samra’s thought that Fahad might plot a scheme to impress her parents but had to change her mind when the boy bashed her for having such a stupid thought.

Overall, the first episode was slow-paced and nothing extra ordinary happened in it. As far as acting is concerned, the queen of expressions, Yumna Zaidi, is a sure winner here. Once again she has done an impressive job – I always say that her strength lies in her strong facial expression. Her expression does most of the saying for her, leaving less space for dialogues to define her character. Here too, she brilliantly comes out as a happy-go-lucky teenager who likes the idea of staying with her parents forever. She avoids the proposal of her best friend, Fahad Sultan, just because she doesn’t want to leave her parents alone.

Samra’s awesome chemistry with her mother is another highlight of the episode – she is more like a best friend to her than a mother. Samra feels lighten and relaxed after telling her mom about Fahad’s proposal. The element of trust shown in the mother-daughter relationship is something I am really looking forward to it – I m sure more emphasis will be given to it in the coming episode.

Fahad Sultan’s character has been played by a new performer, (Saad Qureshi) – as compared to Yumna he fails to bring out the right emotions for the role. With literally no expressions on face, he looks like carrying a stiff personality throughout the episode. His expression remains constant when he confesses his love to Samra and even after the rejection of proposal – you simply can’t gauge if he is happy before or feel sad afterwards.

The drama’s real hero, Zahid Ahmed, has to make his grand appearance in the second episode and I’m sure that with his arrival there is a lot of things to change in the story.

The veteran, Rehan Sheikh and another senior actress from Lahore (sorry, I don’t remember her name right now) have also made a brief appearance as Fahad’s father and grandma respectively in the serial. The promos have indicated that in the coming episodes, these two will have to play an important role in Samra’s life. So far it’s hard to say anything about the drama serial and I am looking forward to the second episode which I am sure set the right tone for it.




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