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Geo Kahani to air historical play, Razia Sultana

A new TV serial based on the story of courage and spirit of a brave female historical leader, Razia Sultana, has recently been started on Geo Kahani.

The protagonist of the serial is Pankhuri Awasthy, – she not only acts but mimes Razia in every posture. The drama relives this unimpeded Indian nonpareil through all thick and thins of her life in this serial, letting the adrenaline rush through veins. The drama serial airs every Monday to Sunday from 9:30 to 10:30.


A scion of great rulers and generals, Razia, is an epitomical manifestation of the dexterity of women both in power and life. She inherited the spirit and valour of her father, a Muml-uk-Turk, Altumish, who turned from a slave to being son-in-law of Turkish Sultan of Delhi, Qutbuddin Aibak, all due to his insurmountable performance, aptitude and indomitable statesmanship. Razia’s brothers, who were anti-thesis of their forefathers, engaged in carousing and debauchery while Razia, a true archetypal of her fierce blood, adopted the route of mutiny against the degenerative status given to women and succeeded in ascending the throne as the first Muslim Queen of Delhi after her father’s death.


Owing to a pervasive dislike of men to have a woman in power, and particularly due to resistance from her own brothers, she faced a great many challenges and obstacles. She was made to combat her own brothers in a suit of jealousy, fight wars in battlefields in disguise as a man and act as a strategic monarch for her state. Razia was no less than a male warrior in a female body. A long-term and forward-looking approach was an unpinned subject at the time when she plied her strategic tactics on the affairs of the state. Having faced blood, gore and defeats, she was an impregnable soldier to rise and fight until her last breath.





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