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Hadiqa Kiani returns with new music album, Wajd

Boohey Barian singer Hadiqa Kiani is all set to release her latest music album, Wajd, after a hiatus of 8 years. 

Wajd aims to revive and preserve the regions core musical heritage, and resuscitate Pakistani folk culture by promoting instruments, poetry and timeless melodies in an unequivocal manner.

“Wajd is not only an audio album but a musical journey that aims to explore lost traditions, the freedom of ownership of the Eastern folk tradition,” Kiani said in a press release.

#WAJD - #HadiqaKiani with Band [F] (2)

Wajd literally means spiritual ecstasy, induced by remembrance of GOD (Zikr) through spiritual poetry.

Produced, mastered, mixed and recorded by one of Pakistan’s leading music producers and Hadiqa’s long-time collaborator and brother, Irfan Kiani,

“Wajd – Volume 1” will introduce eight tracks, recorded in pure organic form in a live studio format, encapsulating the individuality of each featured musician and their respective instrument.

#WAJD - #HadiqaKiani with Band [F]

Hadiqa Kiani, who is already recognized for singing in a variety of dialects, will be heard highlighting six of regional languages, i.e. Punjabi, Saraiki,Sindhi, Balochi, Pashto and Urdu (BrijBasha) in “WAJD – Volume 1”.

Further, Hadiqa also features as a guitarist in and for the first time ever, playing the Balochi Damboor. Irfan Kiani has used a diversity of regional and classical instruments such as the Sarod, Damboor (Damburo), Saz Baglama, Rabab, Sitar, Lavta, Ukulele, Acoustic Guitars, Harmonium, Bansuri, Duduk & Mey , Sarangi, Surando, Dholak, QawaaliJori and Auxillary Percussions for Wajd – Volume 1.

Conceptualized, visualised and directed by Abdullah Haris, ‘Wajd – Volume 1’ chapters have been shot in single-take format in natural daylight. The first chapter will be released this March 2017.






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