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‘Mein Wohi Aashiq’: Agha Ali’s new music video looks no less than a feature film

The grand theatrical trailer launch of actor cum singer Agha Ali’s new music video, ‘Mein Wohi Aashiq’, have received awesome response on social media.  

Only a few days have gone to a theatrical trailer launch of Agha Ali’s new music video and all his fans have been eagerly waiting for its full version to come out soon.

While some of his fans have been awestruck by the wonderful love chemistry between Agha Ali and his real life partner, Sara Khan, in the video, there are many who have mistaken it with a feature film. Thousands of comments have been poured on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter asking about the release of the film.

The reaction of Ali’s fans on his music video is a clear indication that there is dearth of good movies in Pakistan and people are always ready to support their favourite stars in any initiative taken to strengthen local cinema.

Now coming back to the song, according to our sources the video has been shot only in three days.

Having a perfect blend of aggression, emotions and romance, the song stars Agha Ali as an aggressive lover with some hidden past. The stunning Sara Khan also grabbed our attention with her innocent looks and beautiful smile. Agha Ali’s passionate voice in the background is enough to make his fans curious to listen to the full version of the song.

The song’s release date hasn’t decided yet. We wish Agha Ali and his team all the best for his new project.



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