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Restaurant Review: ‘Peri Peri Original’ worth the trip

If you are a Karachite, then you must know that it is hard to decide where to have your supper at Khayaban-e-Sahar as there are tons of options available in the same vicinity. However, my recent visit to ‘Peri Peri Original’ has made it clear that it will be my ‘good-to-go-spot’ for every next visit to the area.
From the super vibrant decor, peaceful ambiance, delicious food to courteous staff, this restaurant has everything you need to have a fine dine experience.
The restaurant is split to two floors – on the entrance there is gigantic yellow door that lead you to a cosy dining area having comfy bright-coloured chairs and wooden tables.  The restaurant’s decor is also something to look for – vivid fiery props  placed on different positions are attention-grabbing. On the other corner,  there are flags of different countries  highlighting the different branches of ‘Peri Peri Original’ across the globe.
The restaurant downstairs area is kind of hidden – I actually didn’t notice it until a friend mentioned about it. In fact, it had major attraction for me as my 10 months old baby was busy roaming around in the play area  while I enjoyed my food.
If anyone of you is looking for an area for an intimate birthday party or get-together, than it can be an excellent option for you.
Coming to the food, an extensive menu card has been served to us. We started our dinner by ordering drinks and starters before moving to the main course. Here is what I had at the restaurant:

🌶 Blue Colada & Pina Colada🍷

Having a perfect blend of coconut and pineapple  it is as authentic in taste as one expects. I personally find it really refreshing ➡ 8/10

🌶 Fiery Peri Bites

The Peri bites weren’t fiery at all, in fact, they were cheesy to the core but super delicious. For a cheese lover like me, it is finger-licking choice on the menu  ➡ 7.5/10

🌶 Fried Chicken Cheesy Strips

Those chicken strips were heavenly divine –  incredibly flavorsome and crunchy having a right balance of crisp and taste ➡ 9/10

🌶 Peri Peri Flame Grilled Chicken

Served with white rice and French Fries it is one of the best dishes on the menu. Although its taste was a bit similar to Nandos Grilled chicken but, overall, I liked it ➡  7.5/10

🌶Peri Peri Special Chicken Steak

If you have been a fan of #Roasters or #Arizon steaks than you probably don’t find it appetizing enough. Even the sauce was  blant. ➡ 6.5/10

🌶Grilled Chicken Strips with Pasta

Although the chicken strips were tender and tasty but the white sauce lacks flavour and was watery in consistency ➡ 5/10
🌶Crunchy Wings 
The wings were super spicy, crispy and juicy – after taking my first bite it was hard for me to resist   ➡ 9/10
Overall, it was an overwhelming experience to visit Peri Peri Original. I loved the fact that the food was served hot and steamy – the dishes were enriched in flavour and tempting. The presentation of the food was good too.
 I would definitely recommend you to pay a visit to Peri Peri Original once and you’ll fall in love with that place just like me:)


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