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Saboor Aly’s short film ‘Nanu aur Main’ is emotionally captivating

Legendary actor Qavi Khan and Saboor Aly’s upcoming short film, ‘Nanu and Main’ is about a beautiful relationship between a grandpa and his granddaughter.

Family ties and strong parental relationships are the most beautiful gifts our society has given us – we are lucky to be surrounded by people who not only love and care for us but they train us for our upcoming lives by sharing their experience and expertise with us.

Saboor Aly’s upcoming short film, ‘Nanu aur Mian’ is about such beautiful relationship where a grandpa is preparing her granddaughter for hardships of life. While teaching her to ride a bicycle and use pen as tool to express her thoughts he actually gives her the best lessons of life.

A few minutes long trailer is full of so many emotional moments that one finds it hard to hold his tears in the eyes while watching it. It’s so nostalgic that one gets to recall all the lovely moments they spent in the company of their elders. While growing up we have our nana, dada, chacha and khala  surrounds us and their precious words are like gems of diamonds for us – wherever we go in the world they remain with us in our memories.

The story of Nanu and Main is simple and cute – it mainly revolves two persons, Qavi Khan (Nana) and Saboor Aly(granddaughter). They share a unique bond where the granddaughter looks up to her nanu for everything but her life changes when she moves abroad for further studies. However, it doesn’t change their relationship in fact she writes letters to her nanu to stay him abreast with the latest developments of her life.  The trailer beautifully shows that even without having knowledge about the latest technological advancements a man stays in touch with his granddaughter.

Directed by Ali Sohail Jaura, the short film has been penned down by Muhammad Belaal Imran and stars Qavi Khan, Saboor Aly and Shabana in pivotal roles.

The short film will release on leading TV channels soon.

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