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Zoe Viccaji talks about ‘Jaanay Do’ and venture with Shehzad Roy

Pop sensation Zoe Viccaji had disappeared from the music front after launching her album Dareeche, but now she is disco-ing her way back in with Jaanay do and a collaboration with Shehzad Roy for Jind Jaan.

We talk about all that and more, so stay tuned.

We caught up with Zoe Viccaji while she was catching a flight to Karachi and asked her about the collaboration with Roy. She said that the song, unlike Roy’s recent singles, is not political satire, rather it’s a pure pop number.

Tell us about your collaboration with Shehzad Roy for Jind Jaan?

Shehzad approached me a few months ago with a composition in Punjabi. Initially, I was extremely afraid to give my approval for it as it was in a language I’d never spoken before. The melody, however, was really lovely and I really like his approach to music and philanthropy in general, so I decided to take on the challenge.

How will Jind Jaan be different from your other songs?

Well, firstly it’s in a different language and it’s also a genre I’ve never approached before. Secondly, it’s actually someone else’s brainchild and I’m just a part of it. I’ve usually composed my own songs and produced them myself, so it’s very different to let go of the wheel and just sing.

Could you tell us a little more about this song?

I think I’ll wait for the song to come out and let you all hear it for your selves. I should let the song speak for itself.

Your first disco song, Jaanay Do is all set to release this Saturday. Tell us about your plans related to this song too?

Jaanay Do! I’m really excited to finally release the first song of the EP. After my first album I went underground again with my music so that I could take stock and figure out what I truly enjoyed singing. Over the years of performing on stage, I’ve realized I love those numbers that get people moving, and I especially love singing jazz, funk, and soul. So it seemed like the perfect time to bring some disco back into the scene.

I’m releasing the track with ‘Salt Arts,’ who have done a fantastic job in designing the whole campaign and the visuals. They allowed me to stay in the studio with the music and with my band to create a concert for everyone in December. We will be publishing posters and tickets for that very soon.

To get the true disco feel Viccaji has opted for an entirely different look with fringe haircut and glam avatar. Here take a look at it.

Shehzad Roy, a singer cum philanthropist, spoke about the upcoming venture and said that he is a huge fan of Viccaji’s and had always enjoyed the versatility of her music. Both Jaanay Do and Jind Jaan sound promising so let’s hope they help resurrect our music scene.

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