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Episode 1 Review: ‘Hari Hari Churiyan’ is a clichéd love story    

Aiman Khan starrer Hari Hari Churiyan opened its account this week and we find it nothing different than any other run-of-the-mill love story.

Just like any other love story, it has the gorgeous heroine (Aiman Khan as Aiman), a die-hard lover (Wahaj Ali as Ali) and an uninvited cousin cum villain (Hasan Ahmed as Waqar). The first episode was so full of cliché that I was wondering why even I tuned it to this show.

It has everything you have ever read in a romantic novel in any Urdu digest – a middle-class family with a majboor baap under the debt of his elder brother, two pretty daughters, saas bahu narazgi aur purkhulos parosi.

The story actually revolves around Fasahat Sahib and his two beautiful daughters, Aiman and Maheen.  Fasahat’s mother (Dadi Jaan) is the head of the family and she had a typical love-hate relationship with her bahu(Fashat’s wife, Suraya, played by Shagfta Ejaz).  She never forgot to criticize bahu on every little thing and always took a decision against her will. On the contrary, Suraya always maintained courteous behavior with her and dadi’s latest decision about Aiman’s marriage had become a bone of contention between the two.

Dadi wanted Aiman to marry her grandson Waqar but the poor girl had someone else in her dreams. Since childhood, she kept special feelings for Ali and she couldn’t think of marrying someone else. Ali was a son of Surya’s younger sister and dadi was, of course, against him.

In order to make things favorable for her, she called her elder son and asked him to Waqar to Karachi soonest possible ( Dadi’s elder son is played by Mehmood Aslam and he was apparently shown as a rich man who returned from foreign in search of a desi bahu).

Aiman met Waqar in another clichéd situation – she was coming out of the room with green bangles in her hand and she accidentally collided with Waqar who was awe-struck after meeting such a gorgeous girl in his life. (By the way, those hari hari churian are gift from Ali and Aiman always keep it pious as a token from him).

Aiman got really upset seeing pieces of her beautiful hari hari churiyan on the floor and scolded Waqar for destroying her beautiful memories but the girl didn’t realize that the boy fell in love with her at the first sight.

As I have said earlier, there is nothing new to see in this drama and it is now up to actors that how they engage an audience. The drama lead actress, Aiman Khan, has worked with the director Syed Atif Hussain earlier in ARY Digital’s Zindaan where she holds audience till the end with her promising act. Let’s see whether this actor-director duo works or not.




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