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Exclusive: Check out behind the scenes action from the sets of ARY Digital’s Judai

ARY Digital’s latest drama serial, Judai, has been gaining rave reviews for stellar performances and intriguing plot – especially the drama OST, sung by Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch, has become really popular with its touching lyrics and beautiful compositions.

Written by Paresa Siddiqui, the play has been directed by Roomi Insha of Mausam fame. The ensemble cast includes Samina Peerzada, Usman Peerzada, Saima, Neelum Munir, Imran Aslam, Affan Waheed, Firdous Jamal, Faryal Mehmood and Huma Nawab.

We visited the drama set to meet the cast and crew.

Located in the posh locality of Defence, a beautiful bungalow was chosen to shot engagement sequence of Faryal Mehmood. She plays Firdous Jamal’s daughter in the serial.

RJ turned actor Khalid Malik and seasoned actress Samina Peerzada were busy in recording their scenes whereas Firdous Jamal, Imran Aslam and Neelam Munir were waiting for their turn.

Firdous Jamal gave us a little sneak peek into his role.

“I play a lawyer in the serial who provides his legal expertise to old friend Hasan (Usman Peerzada) in his personal and professional matters,” he said.

He also said his role was just like a connecting bridge between two broken families.


Sitting next to Firdous Jamal was the ravishing Neelam Munir. Dressed up in green intricate attire she was all set to be a center of everyone’s attention at a wedding function. She told us about her role in a drama.

“Zeena is a rude but a realistic girl. Although she is not happy with her circumstances but she never wants to gain others sympathy, in fact, she has expected the reality of life and wants to go with the flow of time,” she said.

Since the play has been aired Usman and Samina Peerzada’s amazing on-screen has been talked of the town. Samina Peerzada shared the reason behind it.

“Mehr is deeply in love with her husband and that happiness is reflected on her face and in her attitude. Whatever steps she takes in life, she knows that her husband is with her. She is an honest person and is not judgmental about anything. She is a problem solver who always sees the positive side of the story,” Peerzada said.

She also added that as the drama progressed she would emerge as a confident woman who would boldly face harsh circumstances of life.


The veteran actress Huma Nawab wasn’t satisfied with the kind of roles being offered to her.

“Over the period of time drama quality has decreased due to poor content. Right now, the roles which have been offered to us don’t have any margin to perform. They don’t challenge us as an actor and it may be the reason I have recently turned down many drama offers,” she said.

Faryal Mehmood was getting ready for engagement scene when she talked about her role.

“Manahail is a very positivity person and whenever she comes on-screen she brighten the screen with her positivity. She is like a gel or glue that brings two families together,” she said.



Affan Waheed reached the set a little late. He also gave us a little brief about his role.

“In the initial episodes we’ll find me as a happy-go-lucky guy who wants to make everyone happy but in the middle of the drama, I will emerge as a wicked character with slight grey shades in his personality,” he said.

Imran Aslam played Neelam Munir’s brother and Faryal Mehmood’s love interest in the serial. He also gave us a little glimpse into his role.

“I play a simple but a very sensitive guy who always looks for positivity in everything and as the story progress people will know the seriousness of this character,” he stated.

On the sets, we also spotted old actress Mehak Ali and Kunwar Nafees. The actor told us that he played Zeena’s suitor in the serial.

“I will come in the middle of the play as a potential suitor for Zeena. I play Mehr’s friend son who comes across in Zeena’s life at a time when her relationship with Hamza is in doldrums,” the actor said.

If you haven’t watched Judai then tune into ARY Digital on Wednesday at 9:00 pm to know what’s going on in the lives of Hasan’s family.




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