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Newcomer Shehzeen Rahat shares her ‘Aksbandh’ experience

It’s not easy to get a big break in showbiz without ‘safaraish’ but newcomer Shehzeen Rahat is lucky to get it through an accidental offer. Starting her career from television commercials she acted in a few drama serials before getting an offer of a leading actress in Pakistan’s first found footage film, Aksbandh. Read on to know about her brief but interesting showbiz journey so far. Excerpts:

How did the film happen to you?

I wasn’t expecting this offer to come my way and it all happened with a sheer stroke of luck. Ayaz Samoo, our producer and co-actor, called me for an audition through a mutual friend. We met and discussed the character at length. As I found it really interesting so I gave my nod for this role.

Shehzeen Rahat

What’s so different about this role that made you immediately took up the offer?

Saadia (Shehzeen’s character in the film) isn’t like any ordinary girl who likes to get dressed up and do girly thing. She is tomboyish and loves to hang out with boys. She is independent, strong-willed and a bit experimental too. It was a lot different than what I have done so far on television.


Have you encountered any horror incident on the set?

Yes, we did and it was really scary. I used to share my room with another actress in the film. One night we were done with our shooting and went to sleep. In the middle of the night, we felt if someone was throwing stones at our window which was creepy and scary. I couldn’t sleep the whole night and would never forget that experience ever in my life. Later, we came to know that the guest house we were staying at during the shoot was haunted.

What are some other projects you currently working on?

Well, there are a couple of television serials and soaps  in the shooting phase.

Has showbiz exposure changed you as a person?

I don’t think showbiz changed me anyway. The only difference is that now I can judge people in a better way. When we closely work with different people of varied nature than eventually we also learn some hard lesson along the way. However, in general, I am a very straight forward and blunt person.



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