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Skin diseases and allergies shouldn’t be considered as Taboo: Dr Najia Ashraf

A patient welfare organization, ‘U Within Association’, has recently conducted its first patient summit highlighting the problems a person faced in life due to severe skin diseases.

Headed by popular television celebrity, Dr Muzna Ibrahim, the organization aims to provide voice and power to patients with severe skin diseases so they can share their sentiments and sufferings about how they are fighting to get control over their lives.

Renowned dermatologist Dr Najia Ashraf while talking about the impacts of skin diseases said around 54 percent patients feel depressed and dejected in life due to skin diseases.

Dr Najia Ashraf on stage

She stressed that skin allergies shouldn’t be considered as a taboo and patients shouldn’t be forced to isolate themselves in tough circumstances. The doctor also added that several cases had been reported where marriages suffered due to skin diseases. She also said that community could play a vital role in creating awareness about the skin diseases.

“According to a research around 75 percent people feel unattractive due to severe skin diseases,” she said.

She also added that latest treatment options like biologics were found to be a great help in giving awesome results in skin allergies. Although those treatments weren’t available locally but efforts were going on to bring it in Pakistan soon.

Pir Ijlal with patient Anza

Famous filmmaker Syed Noor also attended the summit to extend his support for the cause. The director while appreciating the efforts of the organization said that the summit was extremely useful and helped to clear many misconceptions about skin diseases.

He also appreciated the courage and optimism of the patients present at the event who shared their heartwarming stories with people attending the summit.

The ‘U Within Association’ was started off almost two years ago as a small group of doctors, psychiatrists and life coaches providing counseling to patients who had become depressed, isolated and even made suicidal attempts because of the long duration and unpredictability of their disease. The association aimed to provide consultation and treatment to such patients and help them to return to normal life.




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