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Exclusive: Mohsin Abbas Haider to play ‘fearless cop’ in Dadaal

Actor cum singer Mohsin Abbas Haider is all set to don the role of a daring police officer for Abu Aleeha’s upcoming film, Dadaal.

“Inspector Jibran is a diligent police officer who sets his ethics to deal with injustice and wrongdoings,” the actor said in an exclusive interview with Miss Dramatic.

He further added, “In my director words , ‘ yeh vardi mein gunda hai’. Yeh hai tu Kanoon ka rakhwala magar is ka kaam karne ka andaz muktalif hai.”

Haider stressed that the role hasn’t been inspired by any Bollywood film and they have worked hard to give it a distinct identity.

“Whenever any movie trailer is out, viewers are quick to point out its resemblance with cult characters of Bollywood movies.  But, here we have made sure to give it a unique identity.”

He also added that it’s one of his dream roles as it gives him immense opportunity to show off his skill.

Abu Aleeha’s Dadaal is in news for all right reasons

Dadaal is a crime thriller based in Lyari – a no-go area popularly known for its politically motivated violence and crime.

The film features Sonya Hussain as female boxer, Haya Baloch and Rizwan Ali Jaffri as gangster.

Sonya Hussain and Rizwan Ali Jaffri in Dadaal
Sonya Hussain and Rizwan Ali Jaffri in Dadaal

The ensemble cast also included Tipu Shah and Maira Khan in pivotal roles. Directed by Abu Aleeha, the film has been produced by Neha Laaj of Laaj Productions.

Tipu Shah and Maira Khan in Dadaal
Tipu Shah and Maira Khan in Dadaal

The second spell of the film has already been shot and it is expected to release later this year.





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