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Four best moments of #MagnumParty16

Magnum Chocolate party is indeed the grandest event of the year with an amazing fusion of fashion and chocolate – from dazzling appearance of celebrities, delicious chocolate desserts and appetizers to amazing clothes the evening is full of glitz, gowns and gleam.

Here are my favorite moments of the event:

Ali Xeeshan bizarre appearance at red carpet

Known for its brilliant creative instinct master couturier Ali Xesshan surprise everyone on the red carpet by walking in with a big chicken sitting on his cap.

If this is not enough he walked the ramp with the same quirky look. While some raised eye-brows on it, I personally think it’s an attempt to get attention and he surely gets what he wants 

When Ali Zafar saves Tooba Siddiqui having an awkward moment on ramp

The highlight of the show was Ali Zafar’s gesture of saving the model Tooba Siddiqui from having an awkward moment on the ramp. Model Tooba Siddiqui finished his ramp work for Faraz Manan and suddenly her gown stuck somewhere on the stage.

While she was struggling with her gown on the ramp among the celebrities sitting in the first row, our gentleman hero Ali Zafar quickly ran to the stage and helped her get out of that situation. Even the event choreographer Freiha Altaf couldn’t stop admiring him for this sweet gesture.

Yousuf sisters made a dhamakdar entry on red carpet

The gorgeous Yousuf sisters – Syra, Alishba and Alishba made their way to the red carpet together – and it was a sheer delight gracing the occasion.

While paparazzi was going crazy getting click of the stunning Syra Yousuf, her actress sister Alishba and Palwasha stay behind and enjoy watching their younger sister getting all the limelight.

Mawra Hocane steals the show as ‘Angel of the night’

Besides, Ali Xeeshan bizarre appearance there was another high point his showcase and it was the show stopper Mawra Hocane. Crowd went crazy when she walked the ramp dressed up as a beautiful angel.




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