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Trailer Alert: Actor in Law pokes funs at serious societal issues

The much-awaited trailer of Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza latest offering, Actor in Law has finally out – and we are super excited about it and can’t afford to miss it!

The trailer highlight is the way the film pokes fun at some serious issues of the society. The director cum writer Nabeel Qureshi has brilliantly  covered much-talked  about incidents of recent times but with a comedy tarka on it  – from Ayesha Sana’s Bright Karen moment, Ayan Ali’s involvement in the money-laundering case to pinpointing towards famous anchorperson Mubashir Lucman’s large Twitter fan following.

The film lead actor Fahad Mustafa while describing the film storyline in a  nutshell calls it a social satirical flick.

“It is a brave attempt and loads of social issues have been highlighted in it but it all has been done in a lighter mood to make it digestible for viewers,” the actor said at the trailer launch of the film.

The trailer presents Fahad Mustafa as a middle-class aspiring actor in the disguise of a lawyer. The stunning Mehwish Hayat plays his love interest in the film.

Shedding away the title of an item girl our darling actress Mehwish Hayat will be seen as a bold and confident female protagonist, belonging to the minorities. One of our favorite scene from the trailer is one where she throws a chapal at a stalker and shouts to post it on Facebook only if he has guts to do so.

Check out what the actress has to say about her role in the film.

The presence of Bollywood seasoned actor Om Puri  is, of course, the main highlight of the film as he is making debut through it. He plays Fahad Mustafa’s father in the film who is badly annoyed by his son’s dream to become an actor. There is no doubt that he looks phenomenal in every scene.

The film ensemble cast also included Aly Khan as a popular tv anchor, Mubashir Sultan – his character has striking similarities with the real life controversial news anchor Mubashir Lucman. We are desperately waiting for his act to see how he’ll deliver hard-hitting dialogues with a poker face.

The three minutes long trailer has all the potential to hook the viewer till the end – and we are sure that the film will be much more entertaining than it.

Directed by Nabeel Qureshi and produced by Fizza Ali Meerza it will be distributed locally and internationally by Urdu 1 Pictures. It is slated to release on Eid-ul-Azha.



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