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Who is Pasoori singer Ali Sethi’s rumored husband?

Ali Sethi Husband

Today’s morning kick off with the news about Pasoori singer Ali Sethi’s rumored marriage with Salman Toor. On social media, several trends with the hashtags Ali Sethi, Najam Sethi, Pasoori, LBGTQ+, and Najam Sethi have been trending with a contentious debate between right and wrong deeds.

But who is this guy? We are curious to know so we dig out on the internet and find out some facts about him.

Facts about Salman Toor

According to Wikipedia,” Salman Toor is a Pakistani-born American painter. His works depict the imagined lives of young men of South Asian birth, displayed in close range in either South Asia or New York City fantasized settings. Toor lives and works in New York City.”

Born in Lahore, Salman was a student at Aitchison College. Toor arrived in the United States to study at Ohio Wesleyan University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2006. In 2009, he went on to earn his MFA at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute.

He is affiliated with New Queer Intimists – a group of LGBTQ painters

He is loosely affiliated with a group of LGBTQ painters, sometimes called the New Queer Intimists, which also includes contemporaries Doron Langberg, Louis Fratino, Kyle Coniglio, Anthony Cudahy, TM Davy, and Devan Shimoyama.

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Salman met Sethi during his Aitchison days

According to an article published in New York Salman Toor had acquittance with Ali Sethi since his college days. The article reads, “Art classes at Aitchison were optional for high schoolers, and few students took them. Toor signed up for everyone available, and he spent most of his free time in the art room, drawing and painting. This was where he met the three boys who are still his closest friends—Aijazuddin, Ali Sethi, and Leo Kalyan. “I think we were all trying to protect Salman,” Sethi said. “He was the most vulnerable one because he didn’t have any defense mechanisms. I was the tallest person in the class, and I was a teacher-pleaser, but Salman was guileless. When boys made fun of him, he couldn’t fight back.”

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Salman found out his love for Sethi after years of friendship

The article further stated that Salman realized about his love for Sethi after six years of their friendship. “ “Although they live in different New York apartments, the bond between them is very deep. “I knew I had found the person I wanted to be with for good,” Toor told me. They have all done well in the world. Aijazuddin, who became an artist and a writer, now lives chiefly in New York; Sethi and Kalyan are both singers and songwriters, well known for their innovations in traditional South Asian music. (Sethi’s most recent single, “Pasoori,” has drawn more than two hundred and ninety million viewers on YouTube.) The four friends continue to keep in touch, talking on the phone or the Internet nearly every day.”




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