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Mathira’s husband’s Punjabi serenade is a win

Farran J. Mirza aka Flint J as Mathira’s husband is a singer has released soulful number,’ Ranjha’ hints at what a romantic life the couple must lead.

As described by the singer himself the song is about ‘a true story of betrayal in love’. The warm and fuzzu Punjabi lyrics are used to describe the agony and pain of a lover – but combined with modern music with a strong influence of jazz and electro-pop waves the song from being too cheesy.

Flint J’s earlier songs were similar to this one. They include including ‘Aashiqan De’, ‘Dance Soniye’ and ‘Lutya Tu’.

Do you remember Imran Khan’s popular song ‘Bewafa’? ‘Ranjha’ is somewhat similar to it. Fitting well into the category of desi urban music this song has an interesting fusion of local lyrics with western beats.

The video has special appeal for guys as a gorgeous diva is shown shedding tears after a devastated break-up. This song could be a good listen who recently received a bad fate in love.



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