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Sajal Aly and Shehzad Roy pay tribute to ‘Working Women’ in latest collaboration

Popular singer Shehzad Roy and Sajal Aly have collaborated to pay tribute to the working women who fight against all odds to leave a mark on the professional front.

The joint venture is titled as ‘Tum Ho To.’

In the latest Instagram post Shehzad and Sajal give some hints to their fans about the collaboration and have also announced its release date i.e. June 4.

They have used hashtags such as #WorkingWomen #TumHoTo #4thJune”  in the caption and also tagged actor cum director Faisal Qureshi in the video.

The video features an interesting banter between Sajal and Shehzad. It starts with Roy asking Aky about her whereabouts. Responding to him, she said ” I’m in Lahore for work purposes”.

Later the singer asked her, “Your life is set, why do you need to work?” She replied, “What do you mean why do I need to work?” Roy stated that people work to earn money. Aly said, “No, there are can be many other reasons to go to work.” He asked her for an example and she said, “You can see for yourself on June 4.”

The video ended with director Faisal Qureshi who yelled “Cut! Perfect” in the end.

A couple of weeks ago, Shehzad and Sajal shared some pictures on social media captioned them as ”#TumHoTu, that created a buzz among fans who were curious about their venture.

The latest video has raised the curiosity and we all are eagerly waiting for June 4 to see what the two talented artists are upto.




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